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Maintenance Tips

At what temperature should I wash Vossen products?

Please wash all terry towelling items before first use. Thanks to our special, ultra gentle Lifetime Colour dyeing process, prewashing at 60°C is no longer necessary. For sake of the evironment, we recommend washing at 20°C to 40°C.


What laundry detergent should I use?

Please remember to always wash white, light coloured and darkcoloured items separately to avoid colour staining or running. Allpurpose detergent should only be used for whites, because it contains optical brighteners. We recommend that you use liquid colour/delicates detergent for your coloured terry towelling items as this will help to preserve colour brilliance. In general, we recommend the use of liquid detergent.


How much fabric softener can I use?

Please avoid using too much conditioner because it sticks to the fi bres forming a kind of film. This may make terry towelling items less absorbent, and can also cause more linting. If you have a tumble dryer, you can dispense completely with conditioner because our products are extremely fluffy thanks to unique AIRpillow technology.


How can I avoid linting?

A little lint is perfectly normal when you first use deeppile terry towelling items and velour materials. Thanks to our unique AIRpillow technology, VOSSEN terry towelling items lint 90% less than conventional towels. Nonetheless, if a lot of linting occurs because of friction from the washing machine drum, you can avoid it by making sure your washing machine is correctly loaded (not too  much, not too little). In this regard, please make note of the washing machine manufacturer’s load recommendations.


How should I dry my terry towelling items?

Since our products are made from a natural material, cotton, they cannot be guaranteed shrink-resistant. After washing, pull the damp terry towelling items into shape and ensure that the temperature of your dryer is not set too high.


How can I avoid pulled threads?

Pulled threads aren’t a problem. Simply cut them off at the level of the material – there won’t be any running. Please avoid washing such items with any textiles that have hooks or zips.


washing symbols

schonend-Waschen-bei-30-GradMAX: WASHING TEMPERATURE: 60°, Vossen recommends: 20-40°

Bleichen-nicht-erlaubt DO NOT USE BLEACH

Trocknen-im-Waeschetrockner-bei-niedriger-Temperatur USE THE GENTLE SETTING FOR TUMBLE DRYING

Buegeln-nicht-erlaubt DO NOT IRON

keine-chemische-Reinigung DO NOT DRY CLEAN

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