Perfect added value

Economics, ecology and corporate social responsibility don’t have to be mutually exclusive – on the contrary, they can complement each other perfectly. The groundbreaking concept – “Vossen respect – for our future” – precisely reflects this philosophy. It is put into practice through the deliberate choice of a production location in Austria with ongoing investment in active climate and environmental protection and by a clear commitment to our corporate social responsibility to others. In taking this approach, Vossen is making an intensive contribution to the future of both this and future generations.

„Ohne Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben hat die Menschheit keine Zukunft.“ – Albert Schweitzer

Vossen Respect

The “Vossen respect” concept is based on respecting and valuing those people with whom we work, and respect for the society and environment in which we live. This respect is expressed through numerous sustainability activities in the market, a reduction of chemical, water and energy consumption, fair wages, a 50% ratio of women in our workforce, and long-term business activities that are in tune with the environment.