sustainable production – sustainable consumption

Blue V: Sustainable production – sustainable consumption

The "VOSSEN respect" concept is based on respecting and valuing those people with whom we work, and respect for the society and environment in which we live. This respect is expressed through numerous sustainability activities in the market, a reduction of chemial, water and energy consumption, fair wages, a 50% ratio of women in our workforce, and long-term business activities that are in tune with the environment.

The production

Made in Austria

One of the success factors of Vossen is the location of its Austrian production plant: Vossen is situated in the middle of the Raab-Örség-Goričko Country Park and meets all the Austrian environmental regulations. Therefore it is not necessary to make deliveries by road transport over 10.000km (CO2 emissions, combustion of heavy oil…).

Environmental awareness and the energy consumption in the production process

Heat recovery plants are installed in all the machinery, which enables Vossen to purify nearly 100% of the water used. In contrast to its competitors, Vossen has reduced 45% of its water consumption, 20% of its energy consumption and 40% of its chemical usage in the last two years.  

The environment

Environmental awareness in the manufacturing process

The production plant emits hardly any harmful substances and is to 100% ecologically justifiable. The area around the production site includes grasslands, forest, wetlands and the back water of the river Raab and it includes many protected animals and plants – for example yellow-bellied toads, great white herons, barn owls and storks.

Environmental awareness relating to the water management

Between 2008 and 2010 Vossen invested 3.4 million euros in the improvement of the manufacturing plant and energy conservation.  Vossen is a pioneer in sustainability and social responsibility. The water consumption has considerably been reduced and Vossen guarantees that there are no harmful substances in its sewage water. Vossen is allowed to discharge its whole sewage water into the strictly controlled communal sanitation system. Even though the manufacturing plant is located next to the river Raab, Vossen do not discharge any water into it.

Vossen and Sustainable Smiles

Vossen supports Sustainable Smiles, an American non-profit-organisation, which provides environmental education and participatory-based programmes to students and communities in developing countries. 


The quality

medically tested

Sustainable products

Vossen exclusively uses natural and high quality dyestuffs, which are environmentally sound and skin friendly ie suitable for sensible skin. Vossen uses a reactive dyeing procedure, which is milder and more natural than conventional procedures. Almost all Vossen products are made out of 100% cotton: a fast growing natural fibre, which is classified as an important source of income for developing countries.  The quality of Vossen products has been distinguished with the Öko-Test, achieving the “Very Good” standard on several occasions.

Lifetime Colour

Low washing temperatures

Thanks to the modern and environmentally friendly “KKV” colour process Vossen towels do not need a colour stabilization with 60°C - although the towels can certainly be washed with 60°C. Vossen products have the “Colour Lifetime” which guarantees colour fastness at washing temperatures from 20°C. Leading washing machine manufacturers recommend washing temperatures between 40°C and 20°C. so the consumer can decide if a lower washing temperature is adequate – for the sake of the environment. 

Fairtrade Cotton

FAIRTRADE products from Vossen

Some Vossen products are made with FAIRTRADE certified cotton. The FAIRTRADE mark is recognized worldwide as a commitment whereby “small farmers”, working in the cotton production industry in developing countries are treated with respect and are offered commercial prices. 

The workforce

Vossen thinks ahead to future challenges

An employee-friendly company is as important for Vossen as job security and employee skills training and development. This is why 25% of the total costs of the company are allocated to salaries and employees’ benefits. The employment of women is another concern of Vossen; because of this more than 50% of the workforce are female.

Careful use of resources, environmental protection and social responsibility are the core of the production.  Vossen takes its social responsibility for both the community and the environment very seriously as well as training and up skilling it’s workforce.